ABPA maintains biannual projects in partnership with APEX consecutively since 2006. The communication bridge between entities and companies participating in the Sectorial Project is developed through the daily relationship between the parties and is largely dynamic, facilitating the execution of commercial promotion actions and the monitoring of planning.


Productive Chains

The poultry chain generates 3.6 million jobs and accounts for almost 1.5% of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The sector is represented by tens of thousands of integrated producers, hundreds of processing companies and dozens of exporting companies. In 2020 alone, chicken exports totaled almost US$ 6.097 million
Focused on the institutional strengthening of the sectors and on the expansion of work through synergies of actions, ABPA follows a transparent and democratic governance model, with thematic chambers that include groups that work together on issues of interest to the production chains.
In addition to promoting consumption in the domestic market, ABPA works towards the economic, social, technical and scientific development of the sectors. It is also focused on expanding exports in each segment through international negotiations, promotion of events, opening of markets, trade defense and other initiatives.

Management Committee

Representatives of companies in the sector, associated with ABPA, who make up the Management Committee responsible for the Sectorial Project