Brazilian Poultry

Few countries in the world have the vocation that Brazil naturally achieved to be internationally recognized as one of the “Barns of the World”.
It was no different in poultry farming. Today, more than 150 markets import chicken meat produced in Brazil. Through the country’s ports, more than 4 million tons are shipped annually, almost a third of all that is produced.
On Brazilian farms, technological excellence in genetics, management and ambience ensured productive leaps that placed the country as the third largest producer of chicken meat in the world, with more than 14 million tons of this protein per year.
Behind this production chain are dozens of agro-industries spread across several Brazilian states, concentrated in the southeast and south.
There are also large egg production centers. The most notable, located in the city of Bastos, is internationally known as one of the largest producers in the laying sector in the world. All these links highlight the greatness of Brazilian poultry farming, marked by the quality, health and efficiency that ensure the presence of the Brazilian poultry product on the table of consumers on five continents.