In Brazil poultry farming employs more than 3.6 million people, directly and indirectly, and accounts for almost 1.5% of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The sector is represented by tens of thousands of integrated producers, hundreds of processing companies and dozens of exporting companies.
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The social importance of poultry farming in Brazil is also verified by the massive presence in the countryside, mainly in the states of the South and Southeast. In many cities, chicken production is the main economic activity. 

In 2020, Brazilian production reached the historic mark of 55.33 million tons, guaranteeing Brazil a position among the three largest chicken meat producers in the world, together with the United States and China.
Of this total, about 69% remain in the domestic market, which proves the strength of this industry for the country. The per capita consumption of poultry meat in Brazil is 45.27 kilos per year.
In exports, Brazil has maintained its position as the world’s largest exporter since 2004, having ended 2020 with the mark of 4.2 million tons shipped to more than 150 countries. With this performance, Brazilian chicken meat has further increased its presence on the table of consumers in Brazil and worldwide.